When did Sanid program start operations?

Sanid program started operations since 2009.

Is Sanid active on any social media platform?

Sanid is active on Instagram @Sanid_Program, Twitter @Sanid, and on Facebook (SanidProgram).

How can organizations or volunteers contact the Sanid team for any inquiries or questions?

Interested organizations or volunteers can contact the Sanid free toll number: 800-Sanid (72643) or 800 – Shabab (742222) for any questions or Enquiries or by sending an email to info@sanid.ae

Who can volunteer with Sanid?

Any UAE national or UAE resident of any nationality 18 years and above can volunteer with Sanid.

How can the volunteers further be engaged upon completing the Sanid trainings?

Active volunteers can further enhance their skills by specializing in Sanid functions such as: Leadership, Logistics, Communications and Safety. The volunteers can also choose to participate in the different refresher trainings, training exercises, and disaster simulations with authorities, national events and emergency responses that Sanid program is called in for.

Where can the volunteers find information on Sanid trainings, events and activities?

Volunteers can visit the Sanid website (www.sanid.ae) where they can find information on Sanid trainings, upcoming / past events, additional important updates, as well as view our picture gallery.

What is provided to Sanid volunteers as proof of their training completion?

Sanid volunteers will be provided with ID cards and certificates upon completion of their training and all other requirements

Will volunteers receive any Sanid response material?
  • Relevant Sanid material will be provided depending on the volunteer roles
  • Sanid general volunteers will receive basic individual response kits
  • Sanid volunteer functionaries such as Sanid leaders will be provided with advanced response kits and response equipment.
  • Sanid functionaries are only authorized to use the Sanid response equipment upon permission of Sanid National Office.
Should volunteers keep any of the equipment such as Sanid vests provided during the Sanid trainings, exercises or events?

No, any equipment provided during the Sanid trainings, exercises or events must be returned to the Sanid Office; this includes vests or any Sanid equipment.

How will Sanid volunteers know of training or events dates and venues?

Sanid volunteers will be notified by SMS of upcoming trainings and events dates and/or venues. The SMS will contain basic information on the training and event along with a contact number if the volunteer has any doubts or question. We encourage all volunteers to continuously visit our “Trainings & Opportunities” page for a list of updated and available opportunities.

How does Sanid ensure that the volunteer training records are updated upon training completion?

Sanid provides attendance sheets for each training or event conducted; the volunteer needs to sign in and out of this attendance sheet for each training day or event day. The attendance sheet will then be entered into the database to ensure the volunteer records are updated.

Do volunteers need to complete all training modules in one-go? What if one misses any of the training days?

Each volunteer needs to attend all the training program relevant modules. However, if a volunteer misses one or more training modules, he/she will be notified by SMS with upcoming details (date, venue, etc) of the missed training. Once the volunteer attends all the missed trainings he will stop receiving notification via SMS.

What authority does the Sanid Identity Card (Sanid ID) provide to volunteers?

The Sanid Identity Card identifies the holding volunteer as an authorized Sanid volunteer in activities and events. It can also be used as a reference for indication of First Aid course completion when asked for assistance in emergencies as an individual.
It is important to highlight that in emergency situations, where Sanid volunteers participate individually, the Sanid ID card does not imply volunteer participation as a Sanid official functionary called upon by the Sanid National Office.

Can Sanid volunteers respond on their own to emergencies since they’re certified to respond to emergencies?

Sanid volunteers may only respond in a Sanid official capacity, when they are authorized and directed to respond only by the Sanid National Office. No response will be considered as an official Sanid Response unless the notification comes from the Sanid National Office. Otherwise the response is considered an individual response from the volunteer him/herself.

What are the training programs provided by Sanid?

Sanid provides several training programs to meet the various needs of the community, corporations and volunteers:

  • Prepared Citizens: 3-12 hours training program directed to the public
  • Community Responders: 12+ hours training program directed mainly at Corporations. This is considered Level 1 training of the Sanid training model.
  • Emergency Response Volunteers: 24+ hours training program. This is considered Level 2 training of the Sanid training model
  • Advanced Emergency Response Volunteers: 48+ hours training. This is considered Level 3 of the Sanid training model
  • Specialized Emergency Response Volunteers: 72+ hours training. This is considered Level 4 of the Sanid training model
Do all Sanid training programs require volunteers commit to be active in the Sanid volunteer structure?

Not all training programs do; volunteers who enroll in the (Prepared Citizens program) do not need to be active in the Sanid program.

Are the Sanid trainings held only in the emirate of Abu Dhabi?

Sanid trainings are provided in all the UAE Emirates; information on training venues and dates can be obtained by visiting our opportunities page:

Are the trainings provided only in Arabic language?

Sanid trainings are mainly provided in both Arabic and English languages. Urdu language is also available upon request.

كان لوريم إيبسوم ولايزال المعيار للنص الشكلي منذ القرن الخامس

كان لوريم إيبسوم ولايزال المعيار للنص الشكلي منذ القرن الخامس

What attire is recommended for Sanid trainings and events?

Casual comfortable clothing is considered suitable attire for Sanid trainings and events.

What does the Sanid trainings content include?

Depending on the chosen Sanid training program, the course content contains various relevant emergency response modules covering:

  • Basic first aid and CPR
  • Advanced first aid and other modules.

Please refer to the training curriculum.

Do Sanid trainings only consist of practical trainings?

The training content consists of both theoretical and practical components such as simulation exercises and advanced emergency response trainings.

What are the documents required for Sanid registration?

The documents required for registration are:

  • Personal picture
  • Passport copy along with the page containing unified number for UAE and GCC Nationals
  • Visa copy for (UAE residents)
Where can the above documents be found and how can an application with documents be submitted to the program?

Documents can be uploaded directly from your Shabab Profile on our Sanid System, or sent to the following email: (info@sanid.ae)

Which Sanid document provides volunteers with information on volunteer rights, responsibilities, duties and other volunteer related information?

The Sanid Volunteer Agreement contains the necessary information that each volunteer has to understand, agree to, and sign.